When buying most products from a shop it is normally pretty easy to determine the quality, how it was made and how much you should pay for it. But when it comes to auto components that ability to judge is not so easy, especially with sealed units and items that are cast. Continue reading

Ever since the advent of the motor vehicle, or for that matter the advent of any mechanical device, routine maintenance has been never far from peoples minds whether they be the manufacturer or the end user. A mechanism once set in use will start to wear and should that wear get to a certain level a breakdown is almost inevitable, Continue reading

Having covered engine fuel control in the last article we now move on to the ignition system.

Prior to the acceptance of ignition electronics the generation and distribution of the high voltage required for the spark plugs was primarily the role of the distributor in conjunction with the ignition coil. Continue reading

Aside from the electrical systems already described in starting the modern day motor vehicle, they are now fitted with an ever increasing number of electrical components. These can further split into even more electrically controlled devices which seem to increase in complexity with every single model change Continue reading

In the previous two articles on basic engine operation it was explained how the four stroke cycle worked, but how do you initiate the process? With the engine running, the up and down movement of the pistons is transferred to the crankshaft to produce rotation, Continue reading

There Is much debate about the pros and cons of the internet. The recent advertising campaign of one of the worlds most renowned ISPs, AOL, was based around just that the benefits the net brings to modern life, and its polar dark side. Continue reading

Many watched the debate last night between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling discussing things such as oil, currency and NHS. But even though these are the main issues, there will be thousands of smaller challenges hidden under the surface one being what will happen to British or Scottish Roads. Continue reading