Vauxhall vectra on the up

Vauxhall vectra has had a bid of a bad period over the last few years with its reputation for dull designs, plastic interiors and not to great to drive. However with bad press comes change and vauxhall have done just that. the vauxhall vectra is still not the best car on the road, but once again can be seen as a contender.

The average vauxhall vectra ships with a nifty 1.8 vauxhall engine and the usual features of ABS, power steering, central locking etc.

The new models have vastly been improved to make it look more stylish, have a better build quality and improve on the already strong engine. there still is room for improvement since the interior like most cars has a plastic feel (not as much as before but still present) and although driving has improved it still does not compare to its competitors such as the ford Mondeo, but a vast improvement from the older models.

As mentioned the vauxhall vectra drives better than its older models, with the major improvement to handling on the road. The car does well on motorways and the powerful vauxhall engines allow for any type of man over or situation. The diesels vauxhall engines are very efficient over the petrol vauxhall engines and give the car extra value.

The engine has been improved to a 1.9 litre vauxhall engine (diesel) and depending on the model it can produce 120bh or 150bhp. The 2.2 petrol versions are efficient also but compared to its competitors the Mondeo on the v6 petrol and the SAAB 2.8 litre turbo diesel it does not really compare.

It does take the edge on its competitors in some areas such as load capacity and a longer wheel base.

Vectras have always had large boots and the estate vectra seems to be the biggest money can offer in this category however this sacrifices headroom for the rear passengers.

The nice thing about the Vauxhall Vectra is the price, it has always been decent and they are cheap to run, especially the diesels which surprisingly little CO2 emissions. Also if they break you can get genuine vauxhall parts for cheap and there always good builds (you can get used vauxhall parts for even cheaper).

So although the vauxhall vectra may not be the best car to own, certain features such as efficiency and price make it a very appealing option.

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