What Car Buffs Watching On British TV

The are plenty of car restoration shows on TV at moment especially focused on buying something resembling scrap metal to a runner that needs some love and attention, then investing time and money and selling for a profit. Here are some of the big players

Fast and Loud

Based in Texas the “Gas Monkey” garage is run by owner Richard and chief mechanic Aaron who buy old classic cars and add something special to them before selling them for a profit. There are those cars that are flipped, bought and sold without anything or very little being done to them. Some great humour here as most of the programme is based around a bit of fun the buying process and seeling process, the mechanics and hard graft is only touched on. We have seen some great profits, but also some huge losses.

Wheeler Dealers

Probably the best or certainly the most loved UK show of this type. Mike Brewer buys the cars and Ed China fixes them up. What is good about the show, is it started with cheap classics and had built its way up to more expensive Italian Super cars, with at least half the show dedicated to the physical work of adding value to the vehicles. Mike and Ed avoid total “Basket Cases” and focus on vehicles that can deliver a profit without breaking the bank and too much time. The conclusion, is that they don’t need an army of mechanics, normally just Ed and a helper, plus they can get through more cars. This relates more to you and me the guy with a classic in his garage, Just recently they celebrated their 100th car.

The Mis Fit Garage

This is a spin off “Fast and Loud” as previous employees go off on their own and start their own garage, with all the problems that creates. The show is a bit more rough and ready than the Gas Monkey version and offers something different, with their relationships and events outside the business.

Wrecks To Riches (USA Version)

Barry White is a muscle car designer and builder and this shows how they do their stuff. HOw they look for the right cars and then apply the unique designs. This show has a more traditional professional feel to it. There are no screams, doughnuts or foolish behaviour (well not much anyway), its all about building the best muscle cars they can.
They was also a UK version of the same name that bore no resemblance to the USA version. It was more about buying salvage cars and restoring them. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch on.

American Hot Rod

No longer with us, as the owner and designer Boyd Coddington died in 2008. The programme was based around pre-ordered cars with an agreed design, rather than the worry of buying and selling. Boyd was an internationally respected Hot Rod designer, who has his own style, so much so gthat those in the business could tell a Boyd Coddinging designed car. The show had watchers outside of the Hot Rod crowd, as much of it related to the relationships within the garage and the challenge to getting a project done within a specific timescale and budget. Of course they always achieved it, but in the true spirit of reality shows, it was always at the last minute.
Of course there are many more TV shows covering other subjects and you can’t ignore “Top Gear” that is being replicated around the world including the USA and China. The British produced shows, goes out right round the world and is one of the most watched programmes in the world and probably the most watch car show in the universe.