What’s Trust Got To Do With It

When buying from any retailer and especially online, trust plays a big part to whether the transaction occurs in the first place. Whith new items, the considerations are mostly in the supply of the product, as manufacturers guarantees also come into play. But when dealing with used, the risk factor increases to whether any buyer will get a fair deal or not.

Used Means Different

In this industry the risk factor can in some cases be even higher again, as used examples are never identical, after travelling different mileages at different speeds across terrains and alternating weather , not forgetting different maintenance schedules. It means engine A, will never be exactly the same as version B. This does not mean one good and another bad, it just means a lot of diversity that in some cases doesn’t mean much but sometimes can determine a good buy from a poor one.

Get The Request Right

The biggest key into avoiding problems, is to ensure the right item is asked for, using as much useful data as possible so the supplier can match up your details to the relevant numbers, giving the best possible chance of getting it correct first time. But even with this info, it sometimes does not go to plan. As it is possible that compnents have already been replaced and the matching process is being made with the replacement and not the original. Such is the customer who spent months looking for a specific diesel engine, only to find that his vehicle had been manufactured with a petrol block, much readily available.
Breaker yards are no different to retailers, they rely on trust to continue trading and as this type of business is never perfect how problems are solved is the real measure of a valuable supplier. Here on our system whenever we attain a number of complaints, companies are removed from the system. We have to say in many years of trading, this has only needed to occur a couple a times, when satisfactory conclusions have not been achieved.

Don’t Forget The Warranties

All offer warranties of some sort, depending on what it is you are buying, remember even new vehicle guarantees don’t cover everything.
There is always risk buying anything used,  even with quality checks, but  history has shown that in relation to the amount of trade that occurs through Carsparefinder, very few end up in dispute.

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