Will This Be Jenson’s Last year In F1

He is clearly one the most popular drivers on the grid, from his less selfish and team player attitude to the sport that has rarely ever delivered criticism from other teams. His ability to drive has regularly been measured as very smooth easy on the tyres and is exceptional in changing conditions to know what tyres to be on at any time. His weaknesses though are stated in qualification where he rarely beat Hamilton and never seems to dominate against those with less experience. Button also needs to very fussy about set up and the car needs to feel exactly right, unlike other F1 drivers that seem to be able to drive any set up, like Alonso for instance.
There now is a lot of talk that this may be Jenson Buttons last season, with McLaren wanting a perceived top driver for their new engine supplier Honda next season. This will disappoint a lot of fans, who see him as bit of a “Gentleman” to the sport unlike some that are more selfish out there. But this will be his 14th season which is no mean feat in this competitive world and he would retire an ex world champion after his season with Brawn GP.

The reason why retirement is being talked about rather than a change of teams, comes down to the fact there are very few vacancies and certainly none that would give him a salary like what he is earning at Mclaren, although to be fair, any drive may be better than none.

The media claim the decision is all in the balance of Fernando Alonso who currently drives for Ferrari, but is reportedly unhappy at the performance of his racing vehicle. Ironically though, Mclarens performance is even worse, going though one of its worst periods ever, so it will only be the enticement of Honda’s investment that may convince him to jump ship. Alonso has already been at Mclaren, but ended a 3 year deal after the 1st year dues to internal squables.
Most believe he will stay until the end of his contract in 2016, which may give Jenson another season and fingers crossed a more competitive package, to what he has available to home now.

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