Working On That Vehicle, Stay Safe

We as many, promote those wanting fix up their cars themselves, saving a bit of money and keeping that brain busy. The internet can give the experience and advice with the many forums out there now and let’s not forget youtube. hardly a task has not been filed by some professional garage or amateur enthusiast that gives a visual story of how to fix that particular fault or replace that part.

But whatever you do on your vehicle, there is a common rule and that is to do it safely. There have been deaths and serious injury, buy DIY enthusiasts you have just taken a chance and wanted to get the job done quickly without ensuring work area was safe first.
so what are the basics.

Using a Professional Ramp or Axle Stands whilst Working Underneath

When being underneath a vehicle there is always the risk of a collapse and if you are under that vehicle, then it could lead to serious injury. Of course being trained in some first aid ( would help should an accident occure. Ensuring the vehicle cannot fall is clearly a basic requirement. Using a jack to suspend a car whilst underneath is a sure way to the hospital. A jack should only be used to lift the vehicle up to place axle stands underneath. Of course using other items such as brick or pieces of wood, can also be just as dangerous, is not more. Of course having access to a professional ramp. normally used in garages is the ideal solution, provided it has been regularly serviced.

Disconnecting The Battery When Working With Fuel

When working on small fuel related issues, say under the bonnet there may not be any need to drain the petrol tank, but disconnecting the battery should be an option. The concept of course is to prevent any sparks that could cause a fire. Tools left across terminals or spilt fuel on wires could create something much hotter than anyone would want.

Not Leaving In Gear When Working Outside

Many of us have a habit of leaving the vehicle in gear whilst parking especially on a hill, But sometimes when working underneath or in front of the vehicle where the battery needs to be connected it can be dangerous if the engine is turned over. There should be no issues with battery disconnected and may even be recommended if working on small ramps.

Draining Fuel When Welding Or Grinding

Anything that can cause a spark will be dangerous if near any fuel and the intense heat of welding equipment can really start a dangerous fire. It makes total sense before any welding takes place, that all fuel is removed from the vehicle. Don’t forget that oil is also flammable and may be clinging on to many components.

Wearing Gloves An Safety Goggles

Seems an obvious a statement, but using any tool can cause grit or pieces of metal into your eyes. heavy gloves can protect against flying materials whilst using tools and when working with glass and sharp metals. But plastic surgeons gloves can also protect the skin and prevent oil and dirt getting into the skin and finger nails.