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Step One
Select Parts

Select the spares you want prices for using simple form. A completely free service

Step Two
Best Deals

Choose the right deal for you from the breaker yards who reply with their best prices.

Step Three

Have your chosen used or reconditioned items delivered to your home or work.

How It Works

CarSpareFinder is a spare vehicle part location service that puts you in control. Unlike many other similar services CarSpareFinder acts as a medium between you and breaker yards nationwide. The suppliers make quotes for the items you require and we update these live on screen for you, this allows you to choose who you wish to deal with.

How do I get the Quotes?

You action a quick quote that asks for the minimum amount of information to give you a price. You will be then directed to your own request screen, where responses will be shown. However as you have opted not to become a member, we have no information about you, so you will need to revisit your part request screen for all updates, either by saving the URL as a favorite in your browser or recovering the url from the initial email we sent you

Am I obliged to purchase if I make a request?

No Absolutely not: When you receive quotes its completely up to you to contact any supplier you wish to make a purchase, or not.

How much does it cost?

It is totally free to action online requests.

Will other companies use my telephone number?

No. If you enter a home telephone number we do pass that information to our suppliers so they may contact you should they quote on your request but no other company will receive your personal information.

How do I stop receiving Quotes via SMS?

We no longer use SMS

How do I make a Request?

Simply fill in a simple form there is no longer any need to register with CarSpareFinder. When making a request select the part and vehicle you need the item for, then enter the address you wish to have it delivered to and sit back and wait for the quotes to be presented to you!

How many requests can I make?

As many as you like. When you make a request you can choose up to 5 different items, each part selected will generate a separate request.

Does CarSpareFinder upply any parts?

No, we are an internet platform only. All transactions are between yourself and registered spare part suppliers

We also do not buy or sell vehicles in any form, salvaged or roadworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many part suppliers are registered with CarSpareFinder?

There are over 100 of the UK's top Car, Van, and 4x4 suppliers and recyclers registered on the CarSpareFinder system. However you quote request is only sent to breakers that state they keep spares for your type of vehicle or type.

How quick can I expect to receive quotes?

During office hours, this can vary between 10 minutes and next working day. All breakers are measured on response times.

Can I telephone my request?

No longer available

How much will I save?

It's not possible to give a specific amount that you will save but you should expect to save between 50% and 80% off the cost of new spares.

Will I find my Item?

Again it's not possible to give a definite answer but our records indicate that around 85% to 90% of our customers find the part they require. If you don't receive any quotes after a few days simply re list your request, our suppliers are constantly receiving new stock so your part will more than likely become available.

What if I don't get any quotes cheap enough?

Simply re list your request in the system to receive another batch of 9 quotes.