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CarSpareFinder is part of a professive lead-generation internet-marketing company which offers UK vehicle dismantlers and UK breakers a steady stream of consumers in exchange for a very low-cost monthly subscription. The consumers get value because their spares search is reviewed by specialists breakers who recycle omponents from the make of their vehicle, which helps widen the choice and in turn increases the chances of (a) finding the component (b) increasing the quality and (c) lowering the cost. When you add your details to our system you are thereby accepting our terms and conditions.

We do not stock any items ourselves since we are the locator service, but as soon as you make a request all the breakers subscribed on our system for your make and model of vehicle, are automatically notified and they will then respond directly to you. We do not make money per sale, it is solely subscription based.

The simple version of our terms and conditions can be found here.

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